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~+[Fanfiction - ガゼット] Desertion...~Freedom was taken~ 1/??+~ [Jul. 3rd, 2009|11:54 am]
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Title: Desertion...~Freedom was taken~
Genre: AU ; Drama ; Angst
Author: kaju
Chapters: 1 / ??
Band: ガゼット
Pairing: Aoi/Ruki, more later on
Warnings:Sex, Violence, Rape(??)
Summary: “You’ve tested out my patience long enough, darling. And now you’ve burned your fingers by crossing the line. I’ll have you for sure tonight. This much I can tell you.
It depends on you if this turns out in pleasure or hell for you.”

The entire room filled with pitch black darkness.
Nothing to hear.
Nothing to see.
Except the sound of blankets being distorted and the faint pants piercing through it.
It wasn’t the fist time the young man had found himself in this kind of situation but the other one had never approached him this close.
His dark eyes sparkling in the few shades of light, shining through from the outside, entirely filled up with determination at a rate that scared him.
He could see the chest of the Brunette moving up and down heavily, knowing his own wouldn’t be any better.
But the hardness, which he could feel pressing against his thigh and the fact that his wrists were pinned firmly to the mattress above his head by the strong arms of the other one, made him tremble uncontrollably and his stomach tightened from the situation.

He gasped out almost panicking when the other man moved even closer, parting his legs and pressing his hips against his own.
His voice came out a lot more quietly and shaky than he was used to, sounding strange in his own ears.
He didn’t know what to think or to do. Only feeling anxiety crawling up inside of him due to the situation he was in.
The brunette only gave him a short glance through his long strands, a slight smile gracing his face, which Ruki couldn’t help to take as degrading.

„Don’t look at me with such tearful eyes. I know you want this too, honey. You’ve lingered for it to happen long before. You shouldn’t have underestimated me.
Your swift touches every so often, which you thought I wouldn’t recognise to be something different from the ones you gave others.
The insatiable looks you sent me every time we were in the wardrobe together.
Didn’t you realize I slowed down my movements for your sake on purpose?
And when I finally kissed you last week you almost moaned out ‘cause you were so fucking thrilled. Now you finally get what you want and I promise you it will be good.”

Hearing those words from the other one, Ruki stared at him with horror in his eyes.
Yes, it was true he had watched Aoi, this he had to admit.
He had always thought about the other man being so beautiful and sexy as hell with his long dark hair, surrounding the elegant features of his face, which made him look so feminine and his utterly perfect formed body.
The Blonde had always adored his looks and yes, he had to say he was indeed addicted to him.
But the way things would most likely turn out at this rate was something he certainly didn’t want to let happen.
He didn’t want the other man to destroy the warm feeling he had, whenever they were together. Didn’t want him to scatter the dreams Ruki had carefully kept to himself up until now, about such a situation happening between them and simply degrading him as a lustful whore easy to fuck with.
To him the other man meant so much more and it hurt, that he just trampled over his emotions, even if he had never let him know.

“Let me go…”, Ruki whispered, his voice raspy this time, trying to cope with the tears which were flooding up.
He tried to pull away from the other man, loosening the grip around his wrists and end all this before it would be too late.
“Why are you so scared?”
The younger one could hear a short laughter, telling him how amused the other one was about his stranded attitude.
He only smiled at him, totally pleased with himself, not even thinking about granting his wish.

“I said let me go, Aoi!”, Ruki almost cried out this time, desperately wanting to get away from the other man now and this sick game being stopped.
But his worthless attempts suddenly stopped in an instant, when he felt the hand of the older one wrapping around his neck, pressing against it harshly, causing him to gasp for air and whimper out in pain when the sharp nail of one of the other one’s slender fingers scratched down his cheek, leaving a stinging red mark.
“Stop making a fuzz or you’ll end up getting hurt, Ruki.”, Aoi whispered, his lips right next to his ear and his voice trembling dangerously, sending cold shivers through the younger one’s entire body.
He knew all too well how easily the other one could be irritated and then loose it completely within seconds, going entirely furious and the imagination what the Brunette might do to him, if he pisses him off, frightened him beyond belief.

“You’ve tested out my patience long enough, darling. And now you’ve burned your fingers by crossing the line. I’ll have you for sure tonight. This much I can tell you.
It depends on you if this turns out in pleasure or hell for you.”
This was all it needed to make the anxiety and distress getting the better of Ruki, causing him to let tears flow down his cheeks freely and small sobs leaving his still sore throat.
“So what do you say, baby? Will you behave from now on and let me make you enjoy this?”
The younger one tried his best not to cry out loud when the man above him tightened his grip even more, making it extremely difficult for him to fill his lungs with just the slightest bit of air.
“Y-Yes…”, he almost whined, trying to nod in the firm hold, not making anymore effort of breaking free, far too terrified of what might happen to him if he did.

A pleased smile appeared on the face of the Brunette and the choking touch finally loosened from Ruki’s neck, allowing him to hastily suck in as much air as he could.
“Good boy.”, the other one whispered, slightly moving away from Ruki, making him sigh out in relief but immediately flinching violently, when he felt the Brunette undoing the button of his pants and tearing them down.
He let out a small but almost pathetic whimper, when Aoi proceeded to the rest of his clothes as well, getting rid of all of them and leaving him entirely bare beneath the other man.
The Blonde had dreamed about this thing to happen many times before, but the way it had turned out now just felt so totally wrong.
He had never thought of the other one doing such a thing to him.
At this rate it almost felt like rape.

His lustful stares observing every single inch of Ruki’s naked body made him feel utterly scared and sick at the same time.
The touches burnt on his bare skin as Aoi let his fingers run down his chest towards his flat stomach, making him tense once more, when they reached his thighs, slowly approaching the area of his crotch, first striking his cock softly, but soon taking it in his hand completely, moving up and down frequently.
Ruki couldn’t help but let out a small moan, when his body started to react to the other one’s attempts, hating himself for not being able to fight against those feelings.
But his touches were soothing, almost caring, knowing exactly what to do to give him pleasure and make his lust grow more and more with every second passing by.
Soon he panted heavily, writhing around beneath the Brunette.
His eyes, which were first tightly squeezed together now sending pleading glances towards the older one.

Aoi grinned at this sight, obviously feeling totally content with how the Blonde didn’t have the slightest chance to deny that he was enjoying what he did to him.
“You like this, hun?”, he teased, his voice now raspy as well, when his own hardness increased more and more due to the younger one moaning in ecstasy beneath him.
Ruki couldn’t help but nod.
His thoughts completely washed away from the only desire that the other man would continue to give his body what it wanted.
And perhaps even more.

Of course he still knew that what he was doing was so wrong and that he would most likely suffer later on, but in this moment, in this second, the only thing he could think about were the touches of the other one and much more important, the one he had truly loved an desired for such a long time, which gave him pleasure he had never felt before.
So he desperately tried to block out the fact, that the Brunette was only using him as an object to fulfil his sexual needs, degrading him as a whore as simple as it was.
He didn’t want to think about it. Not even the slightest bit.
Otherwise he would simply break.

But the younger one wouldn’t even have the chance of getting lost in such thoughts, when the other one suddenly thrust finger beyond his entrance.
Instead he cried out in pain, almost screamed in agony, when he instantly shoved two more into his tightness without hesitance.
Obviously the older one had grown sick of holding himself back, being determined of speeding things up for his own sake.
Ruki could feel hot tears stream down his face due to the pain, which was now shooting through his entire body.
The pleasure he had felt before was gone and he frantically tried to catch his breath, which had gone violently distorted.
It was the first time he ever had done something like this with a man and the other one was far from being careful with him.

“Shh…calm down, honey. Trust me, it will soon feel better and then you’ll experience an ecstasy from which you wont even think about the pain anymore.” the older one whispered, when he finally slowed down the movements of his fingers, tending more to Ruki’s length once again, in attempt to ease the tension for him even just a little.
If it was out of sympathy the Brunette felt for him, because of the fact that he was in such a miserable condition now or simply that he was afraid of him passing out before he got the chance to get what he wanted, unable to bear the overwhelming pain and grieving anxiety anymore.
Ruki couldn’t tell.
But in this moment he also couldn’t care less, not being in the position of concerning himself with emotional questions anymore.
All that mattered to him was the ease of the pain and he soon felt pleasure growing up inside of him again, when the older one stroke his length softly, placing swift kisses on his chest and letting his tongue curl around his nipples, sucking at them gently and lightly scratching at them with his teeth.

“You see, baby? I told you it will be good if you just do as I say.”
A long moan escaped through Ruki’s trembling lips, when his fingers hit a certain spot inside of him. He arched his back almost violently against the mattress beneath him, his eyes firmly pressed together and his breathing soon got unsteady again, when the movements intensified once more.
He could feel the heat rushing through his whole body, making him flinch over and over again and writhing in ecstasy beneath the Brunette.
His voice now frequently echoed back from the white walls of his room, as he couldn’t restrain himself any longer.
Aoi got turned on by his actions and his more or less intense moans as well, ‘cause Ruki felt his hardness growing against him more and more and the stares he managed to catch almost burned his skin.

The Brunette was now eager to get rid of his own clothes, he still had worn until now and his shaky fingers desperately tried to open the button of his pants.
The younger one almost whimpered in frustration when he let go off him completely for a second, but then immediately cried out in pleasure, when he felt his now bare and hot skin pressing against his own.
There was no use of fighting back at this rate.
The young man knew he had lost it completely, only claiming the awesome feeling the other one was giving him and all of his motivation of making him stop crushed into pieces, when he voluntarily parted his legs, allowing him to place himself between them.

And the other one didn’t hesitate to take his chance.
He had done so anyway by using force, so Ruki thought it had been probably even the best idea to surrender, preventing himself from more unnecessary pain.
But his next move made him almost pass out immediately, making him scream out loud, when the Brunette shove his length beyond his entrance without warning completely, starting to thrust heavily inside him in an instant, obviously not intending to waste another second with being careful with him.

“Ah!! Aoi! Stop, Please!!”, he cried out, feeling his whole body tense due to the treatment, making the pain increase even more and he thought he would be torn apart from the inside at any second.
But the other one seemed to not even listen to his pleads, only speeding up things even further and growling loud above him.
“P-Please…it hurts, Aoi! I beg you...please stop it..!”
His whimpers were now choked with sobs he couldn’t hold back anymore, when he felt hot liquid running down his thighs of what he was sure it was blood.
//Please…don’t do this to me. I don’t want you to be like this. Not you…//
To think that Aoi was the one causing him this much pain and not even caring the slightest bit about it, made things even worse.
If it had just been somebody who’d caught him in a dark alley and raped him there, sure it still would be horrible, but the fact that it was him terrified the younger one deeply and made his heart crumble away in his chest.

It took him forever to get used to the feeling, but finally he managed to calm down slightly, even with the thrusts of the other one getting heavier and heavier.
But then in an instant the pain melt away due to an excitement that overwhelmed him, when Aoi hit his prostate directly.
Ruki let out another scream, but this one not from pain anymore and when this awesome experience continued he got totally wild, throwing his arms around the neck of the Brunette and clenching his legs around his hip, allowing him to push forward even deeper.

The other man grinned at the reaction the Blonde gave him, apparently knowing that he now finally had him where he wanted.
He screamed out in pleasure over and over again, when Aoi switched his angle, hitting this certain spot inside of him with every single move he made.
The constant change between devilish enjoyment and almost crucifying sorrow, that had been there right from the beginning, nearly made him go insane and soon he thought he wouldn’t be able to stand the burning heat boiling up inside of him anymore, wanting more than anything to climax, when his moans suddenly fell silent, choked by the activity of the Brunette.

Ruki opened his eyes, staring almost panicking at him, when the older one wrapped a piece of material, of which he thought it had to be fabric from how it felt against his skin, around his still sore throat, tightening it firmly, so that the smaller one had extreme difficulties to breathe.
“Trust me, Ruki...” he whispered, a wicked smile caressing his features.
“You’ll receive something that’s beyond your beliefs. I won’t choke you.
Only make it feel even more gorgeous than it is already.”

Tears were building up in his eyes, when he gazed at the man above him.
He felt anxiety growing up inside of him once again.
But at the same time the pleasure he was giving him, by thrusting into him, hitting his prostate even more, and stroking his length hardly, pressing his nail into his shaft.
His moans were raspy, due to the lack of air, but the mixture of ecstasy and just morbid near to death experience surely thrilled him up even more.
It was just the feeling of incredible satisfaction until everything else melts away around you and in the second he released, his vision turned black, getting the better of him and his consciousness sank into darkness.


[User Picture]From: erinnyen
2009-07-03 01:43 pm (UTC)
'ello my little friend hier ist ten :3

de neko brachte mich grad dazu die fic zu lesen und zu kommentieren.
Ich mag die vokabel distorted nicht - fragt nicht warum aber sie gefällt mir nicht ... ... ich mag das deutsche wort 'passiert' ja auch nicht oô

Ansonsten interessante Storyline, sehr interessant (und krank XD)

Uuuuuuuund einige sätze klingen so verdammt deutsch obwohl es englisch ist.
Konstruktive Kritik und so. :D

(wir müssen deine applikationen bestellen und dein glitzerstrasssteinband Oô)

(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: rukamizu
2009-07-03 08:57 pm (UTC)
gefällt mir,
obwohl ich das Pairing nicht ausstehen kann~
aber das hat mich dann weniger gestört,
weil die story gut war x3
und ich steh doch genau auf sowas *_*
und vom englischen her, ich find es toll wie du das geschrieben hast,
vorallem weil es ja nicht mal deine muttersprache ist
und trotzdem fließend und angenehm klingend geschrieben ist

ich weiß in zukunft, dass ich da wohl öfters von dir was lesen werde <3
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[User Picture]From: withered_clock
2009-07-05 05:03 pm (UTC)
gnaaah, warum schreibst du englisch, ich entwickle einen regelrechten Hass gegen die Sprache... Na ja, mal sehen, vielleicht les ichs mir durch wenn ich mehr Zeit hab.... T-T. Bin eigentlich nur auf kurzbesuch hier... Muss jetzt noch Theorie schreiben... T-T. Ich hasse das.. Diplom und so... Na ja, meld dich mal bei mir...
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[User Picture]From: meloncreamsoda
2009-07-07 11:20 am (UTC)
bwäh, eben erst gefunden T_T
jetzt muss ich lesen, lesen, lesen!!!
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[User Picture]From: kaju
2009-07-15 11:27 am (UTC)
<333 lass dir ruhig zeit~ danke danke~
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From: ugyrdiz
2013-02-16 06:12 pm (UTC)
locals looking to meet Go Here dld.bz/chwZJ
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